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Our family law division is an exciting new branch of Chand & Co.’s practice. Our Toronto family lawyers supports clients experiencing various family law disputes. No matter the situation, our family lawyers possess the knowledge and skills to achieve the best possible resolution of your disputes. Unlike other law practices, the family law division of Chand & Co. has a selective client base. We handle family law disputes involving divorce, separation, marriage, property, the matrimonial home, children, support, and more. We educate our clients and provide them with the tools to resolve their matters, while also lending a supportive hand along the way. We are experienced problem-solvers, pragmatic negotiators, and zealous advocates for our clients. Should you choose Chand & Co. to represent you through your family-related matter, we will ensure we obtain the best possible results for you.
  • Divorce / Separation Law

    Divorce law applies when married couples want to legally terminate the marriage relationship. There are legal steps that must be taken in order to complete a divorce, which often include the drafting and filing of various documents, an assessment of property owned individually and jointly by the married parties, and the calculation of what is called “Net Family Property” for equalization purposes. If the divorcing couple has children, there will be additional legal analyses required to determine what is in the best interests of the child(ren) following the divorce. This area of law involves significant financial disclosure by both parties, and may include religious divorce principles as well.

    Separation law applies when a married or common law couple wants to terminate their couple relationship, but not necessarily legally terminate a marriage. Separation agreements are documents that lawyer may draft for clients to assist them in determining the conditions and terms of the separation in the event one arises. Lawyers can further assist clients by advising them of their rights and obligations in the event of a separation from their spouse.

  • Marriage Law

    This area of law often concerns the validity of a marriage contract, the nullification/cancellation of a marriage contract, or the drafting of a marriage contract or what is sometimes known as a “prenuptial agreement.” This area of law often overlaps with divorce and separation law.

  • Common Law

    This area of law concerns the property rights and support obligations of cohabiting, unmarried partners. Common law cases may involve contract law principles or court appearances, depending on the circumstances of the case. Common law matters may also involve the provision of legal advice to common law couples, including the explanation of their property and other rights in a common law relationship.

  • Decision-Making Responsibility / Parenting Time / Contact Law

    This area of law concerns parents and their relationships with their children. Formerly called “custody”, “decision-making responsibility” refers to a parent’s rights and responsibilities to make major decisions for their child. Formerly called “access”, “parenting time” refers to the amount of time a child may spend in the care of a parent. A “contact order” is a court order that addressed a child’s contact with someone who is not a parent, such as a grandparent or cousin. Lastly, a “parenting plan” is a written agreement of the parents’ agreed terms for caring for their children following a separation or divorce.

  • Child Support Law

    The area of law involves advising individuals, whether married or common law, of their rights and obligations to pay or receive child support. This area of law may further involve litigation, for example a proceeding to vary or change a support payment amount in a child support order or a proceeding to enforce the terms of a child support order.

  • Spousal Support Law

    Similar to child support law, this area of law involves advising individuals, whether married or common law, of their rights and obligations to pay or receive spousal support. This area of law may further involve litigation, for example a proceeding to vary or change a support payment amount in a spousal support order; a proceeding to enforce the terms of a spousal support order; or a proceeding to make a claim for spousal support, which requires proof of entitlement.



With our head office located in downtown Toronto, Chand & Co. serves valued clients all across the province of Ontario and beyond. Specifically in North York, our firm specializes in family law practice and provides services through virtual and other means. From Toronto to Windsor and beyond, we have the resources and experience to represent all individuals and family members in need of legal support. Should you be interested in obtaining our services, please contact our firm for a consultation.

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