Negeen Naderi

Summer Law Student


Negeen Naderi is a summer law student at Chand & Co. She is a pragmatic, creative, and zealous advocate for others.

Negeen is currently attending the University of Windsor Law School. She is expected to graduate in 2023. During law school, Negeen has held vice president positions in two law school clubs, worked at a legal clinic, appeared before the Landlord and Tenant Board, and participated in several moot competitions. All of these experiences have provided Negeen with valuable exposure to the field of law.

Outside of law school, Negeen runs an e-Commerce business. As a business owner and manager, Negeen knows the value of creating and building lasting relationships with clients. Because of her unique experience, Negeen prioritizes client care strategies in her role as a summer law student at Chand & Co.

Prior to pursuing law school, Negeen completed her Bachelor of Human Resources Management degree at York University. Negeen graduated in the top 15% of her faculty and received a Cum Laude designation.

Negeen has strong leadership, teamwork, communication, time-management and conflict resolution skills. She is an active contributor to the field of law. It is a delight to have Negeen as part of our Chand & Co. team.


  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management, York University (2019)
  • Juris Doctor Candidate, University of Windsor Law School (Expected 2023)