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Administrative Tribunal Judicial Review Lawyer

Our public and administrative judicial review lawyers deal with representing clients before administrative tribunals, guiding our clients through investigations initiated by the government and regulators, and commencing applications for judicial review of administrative decisions. We have extensive experience defending businesses and individuals during all stages of administrative proceedings including appeals and hearings before administrative tribunals and judicial reviews.

Our civil litigation lawyers are zealous advocates for our clients, but are also strategic thinkers within this practice area. Our focus is on developing creative and cost-efficient solutions to public and administrative law problems wherever possible, as an alternative to protracted and possibly expensive litigation.

Due to our experience in this area, we are capable of providing honest opinions on the cost and chance of success for an appeal or judicial review. While results are not guaranteed, we have had past successes with appeals, judicial review, and appellate litigation. To ensure we are always ready to serve our clients in this area, we make sure to stay in tune with current legislative developments and changes.

Representative Experience:

  • Represented individuals and businesses in appeals before the Licence Appeal Tribunal.
  • Represented businesses before the Competition Tribunal.
  • Represented various professionals before disciplinary bodies.
  • Represented licensees before the Toronto Licencing Tribunal.
  • Represented developers and businesses before the Ontario Municipal Board.
  • Represented parties before the Electrical Safety Authority Review Panel.
Administrative Tribunal Judicial Review Lawyer

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Licence Appeal Tribunal:

A particular sub-field of our administrative law practice is our experience in appearing before and appealing decisions to the Licence Appeal Tribunal. We routinely appear before this Tribunal on a variety of regulatory matters, including licencing, orders, and appeals, and have familiarity with the process and adjudicators.

The clients we represent include individuals, businesses, licence holders, employers of licence holders, and professionals.

We maintain relationships with regulators and work closely with them to achieve positive results for our clients. We also explore the use of alternative dispute resolution and settlement discussions where possible, should it provide the best possible outcome for the client.

Administrative decisions may be appealed to the Licence Appeal Tribunal under the following legislation:

  • Liquor Licence Act
  • Gaming Control Act
  • Highway Traffic Act
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Ontario New Home Warranties Act
  • Retirement Homes Act
  • Travel Industry Act
  • Real Estate and Business Brokers Act
  • Motor Vehicle Dealers Act
Licence Appeal Tribunal:
  • civil and commercial
    litigation law

  • Regulatory Compliance
    and Defence

  • professional regulation and

    discipline law

  • Breach of contract

  • Commercial Lease
    Dispute Law

  • Condominium Litigation

  • public
    and administrative law

  • criminal
    defence law

  • cannabis

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