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If you’re in search of legal guidance in the Ottawa area, our team of commercial and civil litigation lawyers is prepared to offer seasoned counsel and representation.


Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyer Ottawa

Civil and commercial litigation in Ottawa is a complex and confusing process that needs careful navigation and effective legal representation. At Chand & Co., we specialize in offering top-tier legal services for individuals and businesses involved in different types of disputes. Our team of seasoned litigation lawyers in Ottawa possesses the skills and knowledge to secure our clients' best possible outcome. Unlike many other litigation law firms, we maintain a selective customer base, ensuring that we offer personalized attention to every case. Whether you are facing a civil or commercial dispute, our lawyers are dedicated to providing clear and intelligent advice. We will resolve your legal matters effectively and minimize the costs and distractions of your business.
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  • Ottawa Civil and Commercial Litigation Lawyer

    Navigating the treacherous waters of business disputes is no small feat. The heightened stakes and pervasive stress make the right legal guidance a crucial lifeline. Enter Chand & Co., where our robust team of civil and commercial litigation lawyers is poised to tackle intricate and high-value legal battles. Renowned for our unyielding tenacity, innovative thinking, and pragmatic approach, we ardently champion your interests, consistently securing favourable outcomes even in the most intricate and challenging cases.

    Regardless of whether you find yourself on the plaintiff or defendant side, our adept team is attuned to your distinct needs, surpassing expectations with strategic and effective legal support. Understanding the paramount importance of your bottom line, we ardently advocate for the most cost-effective solutions. Our proactive approach extends to offering insightful prognostications on case developments, often turning to arbitration for judicious and reasonable resolutions. However, should the path lead to trials, rest assured that we are prepared to vehemently fight on your behalf, ensuring unwavering advocacy for your interests.

  • Ottawa Regulatory Compliance & Defence Lawyer

    In the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance, our team of Ottawa regulatory compliance & defence lawyers stands out as specialists, providing unwavering support when faced with challenges. We possess a deep understanding of regulatory intricacies spanning diverse industries and take a proactive, strategic stance to shield your interests, ensuring both compliance and robust defence.

    Count on us to deftly navigate inquiries, investigations, and regulatory enforcement matters. Chand & Co. serves as your committed legal ally, dedicated to preserving your compliance status and fortifying against any regulatory risks that may arise.

  • Ottawa Professional Regulation and Discipline Lawyer

    If you find yourself under investigation or facing disciplinary measures and seek proactive guidance on managing business matters, our team of professional regulation and discipline lawyers is poised to assist. We recognize the seriousness of disciplinary proceedings and excel in formulating strategic defences, deftly navigating the intricate landscape of regulatory compliance and disciplinary actions.

    At Chand & Co, our legal expertise is dedicated to representing licensed professionals undergoing inquiries from regulatory bodies. Acknowledging the intricate nature of disciplinary proceedings, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients emerge from these challenges with their professional standing intact. Our commitment extends beyond conventional legal representation; we aspire to be your strategic partners, providing steadfast support no matter the difficulties your business may encounter.

  • Ottawa Breach of Contract Lawyer

    Regrettably, contractual obligations are frequently overlooked by parties involved. When an individual fails to uphold the stipulations set forth in written or verbal agreements, they may face accountability for the resulting damages. Such breaches often bring about financial hardships, stress, and disruptions affecting both you and your family.

    Numerous factors can contribute to a party’s breach of a contract, some possibly deserving leniency while others do not. Regardless of the reasons, the aftermath of a contractual breach typically involves economic losses and the deprivation of intended contractual benefits.

    Enter Chand & Co, equipped with the expertise to navigate the complexities of breach of contract cases. Our adept legal counsel simplifies the intricate maze of agreements and terms, ensuring your rights are safeguarded with confidence.

  • Ottawa Commercial Lease Dispute Lawyer

    Chand & Co is poised to offer comprehensive legal assistance covering various aspects of condominium-related issues. The popularity of condominiums among Ottawa residents has surged, providing a myriad of conveniences to accommodate diverse lifestyles. However, this surge in housing preferences inevitably triggers changes in condominium governance, leading to disputes.

    Recognizing the complexities of this evolving landscape, specialized legal counsel becomes imperative. Beyond our proficiency in condominium law, our wealth of experience in real estate litigation becomes a valuable asset for clients grappling with condominium-related legal challenges, given the significant overlap between these domains.

    Our multidisciplinary expertise equips us to unravel and address intricate issues, whether arising during the development phase or ownership stage. We are committed to tirelessly working towards the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for our clients.

  • Ottawa Criminal Defence Lawyer

    At Chand & Co., our criminal defence lawyer is recognized as a reputable legal entity in the Ottawa region, distinguished for expertise in criminal defence. Our seasoned legal professionals, with extensive trial experience, focus on delivering a robust defence for clients confronting various criminal charges. These encompass, but are not limited to, impaired driving, assault, sexual assault, domestic assault, drug-related offences, weapon charges, and other criminal allegations falling under the Criminal Code, both before the Ontario Court of Justice and the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario.

    Navigating the intricacies of criminal law is comparable to manoeuvring through a labyrinth, and entering the courtroom alone and unprepared is not advised. However, with Chand & Co. at your side, you receive support from a dedicated team committed to safeguarding your rights and interests. Armed with a strategic defence, we ensure you step into the courtroom well-prepared and equipped to face any legal challenges.

  • Ottawa Cannabis Lawyer

    Navigating the evolving landscape of cannabis laws is crucial for Ottawa residents post its legalization in Canada. It’s imperative to stay informed about the specific regulations governing the use, possession, and distribution of cannabis in the local context. Whether you’re an individual seeking legal advice or a business owner grappling with the intricacies of the cannabis industry, the expertise of a skilled Ottawa cannabis lawyer is essential.

    Chand & Co. is a committed specialist in cannabis law, offering comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Ottawa and its surrounding regions. As the legal terrain evolves, we remain dedicated to providing meticulous guidance and support in this dynamic and regulated field.

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Understanding The Steps In A Civil Lawsuit

In the Ontario Superior Court of Justice

Commencing a Claim

When initiating a civil lawsuit in Ontario, it is crucial to follow the proper procedures. The action begins in the Ontario Small Claims Court if the claim amount is $35,000 or less. For claims exceeding $35,000, the lawsuit must commence in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

The party initiating the lawsuit, the plaintiff, must prepare a statement of claim. This document outlines the amount they are suing for. It also presents a concise statement of material facts that will be relied upon in court. Once the statement of claim is ready and the required filing fee is paid to the Minister of Finance, the court issues this document.

The simplified procedure under Rule 76 of the Rules of Civil Procedure applies for claims under $200,000. Claims exceeding $200,000 adhere to the ordinary. However, the parties involved can sometimes agree to use the simplified procedure. After the statement of claim is issued, it must be served on all named defendants, and an affidavit of service must be filed with the court.

Defending a Claim

If a defendant intends to contest a lawsuit initiated against them, they must prepare a statement of defence. According to the Rules of Civil Procedure, they must serve this statement on the plaintiff and all other relevant parties. This step requires a filing fee. The next step involves preparing an affidavit of service proving the delivery of the defence to other parties.

During this stage, the defendant also has the option to initiate a counterclaim against the plaintiff. The defendant can file a cross-claim against a co-defendant. Making a third-party claim against any other party not yet named in the litigation is also allowable.

Failure to defend the action within the 20-day period after receiving the statement of claim may result in the defendant being noted in default. Noted defendants can no longer file a defence without obtaining the plaintiff’s consent or a court order. They may also be deemed to have admitted all the allegations in the statement of claim, leaving the plaintiff free to seek a default judgment.

Discovery Stage

The discovery stage plays a crucial role in the litigation process by facilitating the exchange of evidence between parties. The parties must agree on a discovery plan within 60 days after the close of proceedings. An affidavit of documents, listing all documents in a party’s possession or control, must be served on all other parties.

Either party can serve a notice of examination on an opposing party, indicating the time and place for the examination under oath. These examinations are recorded and transcribed, potentially using the transcripts to challenge presented evidence during trial. Examinations are limited to 7 hours regardless of the number of examined individuals. Parties must bring all documents listed in their affidavit of documents that are not privileged to the examination.


Mediation offers an opportunity for parties to resolve a lawsuit outside of court. Unlike judges, mediators do not make decisions or impose settlements on parties. Mediation can be a cost-effective and efficient resolution while preserving valuable time and resources.

As per rule 24.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, mediation is required for civil actions commenced in Ottawa, Toronto, or Windsor. It occurs 180 days after the first defence is filed, with the location typically convenient for all the parties involved. Before mediation, each party prepares a mediation brief. This brief is shared with the other parties and the mediator. The brief outlines the legal issues in dispute and allows parties to present their positions.

Mediators act as neutral facilitators, supporting active dialogue and assisting clients in resolving their issues. All discussions during mediation, including settlement offers, are kept confidential. If mediation fails to produce results, parties may request further mediation or prepare for trial.

Setting Down for Trial

When a party serves and files a trial record, it signifies their intention to set the action for trial. The trial record includes all orders and pleadings up to that point. The registrar places the action on a trial list, and the parties may need to attend assignment court to select trial dates.

Pre-trial Conference

Before a trial, a pre-trial conference is essential. Parties appear before a judge to narrow down the issues for trial. This stage involves open dialogue to determine whether issues can be resolved before trial.

During the pre-trial conference, it is crucial to ensure that all outstanding disclosure issues are resolved. Both parties must also be prepared with the necessary evidence. Parties should have a clear understanding of their case’s strengths and weaknesses. They must also be ready to negotiate towards a settlement.

The Trial

A trial becomes necessary if the parties cannot resolve their issues to reach a settlement during the pre-trial conference. At the trial, the plaintiff and defendant may make opening statements to outline their case’s objectives. The opening statement serves as an introduction to what they aim to prove during the trial.

Each party presents evidence by calling witnesses and submitting documents as exhibits. Plaintiff witnesses testify first and undergo examination and cross-examination. After the plaintiff concludes, the defence presents its witnesses. Following the presentation of all witnesses, both parties can make closing submissions.

The judge may deliver a judgment in court after closing submissions. However, there are instances when the judge reserves the decision and provides the judgment later.

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