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LONG-TERM CARE HOMES AND COVID 19 – THE DUTY TO PROTECT As the COVID-19 situation in Ontario continues to develop, there has been an alarming number of COVID-19 related deaths at long-term care homes in the province. As of April 22, 2020, 30 residents have died at one Toronto long-term care facility alone.
COVID-19 FOR EMPLOYERS: LAYOFFS, TERMINATIONS & WORKFORCE REDUCTIONS As the world comes to grips with the impact of COVID-19, the uncertainty of the pandemic is having a direct impact on the economic situation of individuals and businesses. In Ontario, many employees are being laid off temporarily and as a result large and small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to stay afloat.
THE LOCAL PLANNING APPEAL TRIBUNAL – SHAPING YOUR COMMUNITY The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (“LPAT”) is an independent administrative tribunal responsible for hearing appeals on a variety of contentious municipal matters.  LPAT was formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board (“OMB”) which operated as an independent adjudicative tribunal conducting hearings on land use planning issues and a variety of other matters.  
THE LITIGATION LAWYERS AT CHAND & CO. ADD WINDSOR TO THEIR TERRITORY Chand & Co. is pleased to announce the opening of its latest office in Windsor, Ontario. Founded by Pradeep Chand and Murray Snider in 2016, the law firm now has three office locations, including its headquarters in Toronto and Ottawa, Ontario.
FIGHTING AN IMPAIRED DRIVING CHARGE IN ONTARIO At the end of 2018, the federal government made significant changes to Canada’s impaired driving laws with the aim of making them amongst the strongest in the world.
ONTARIO GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES PLAN TO MOVE TOWARDS OPEN MARKET IN CANNABIS RETAIL On December 12, 2019, the Government of Ontario announced its move towards an open market for private cannabis retail in Ontario and related amendments to Ontario Regulation 468/18 made under the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018.
SUMMARY JUDGMENT MOTIONS Summary judgment motions are a procedural tool allowing litigants to obtain judgment or a final determination of a claim or defence without having to go through a full trial. Historically, summary judgment rules were only available in a limited set of circumstances.
OBTAINING A CANNABIS MICRO CULTIVATION LICENCE The Cannabis Act1 controls and regulates the production, distribution and sale of cannabis in Canada. There are two licenses available for the cultivation of cannabis, depending on the canopy space of the facility. Health Canada is the body responsible for issuing licenses in order to legally operate a cannabis cultivation facility.
HELLER V. UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC., 2019 ONCA 1: QUESTIONING DEFERENCE IN CASES OF UNCONSCIONABILITY This year’s decision in the case of Heller v. Uber Technologies has already generated an enormous amount of case notes, articles, summaries and blogs.  Most of these writings focus on the impact that the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal has had and will have on class action litigation and employment law in the new “gig” economy.